Grand Slam Ibex – Ibex hunting in Europe

We would like to welcome you to the Grand Slam Ibex. When you book a hunting trip with Grand Slam Ibex, you will not only book a real mountain hunt, all will receive a very personalized adventure, with a high success hunting rate and you will be able to hunt the most incredible mountain animals in the most beautiful ranges in the world. It is our pleasure to arrange a professional and personalized hunting trip, giving you lasting and happy memories, in some of the most fantastic countries in Europe and Euroasia.

The landscape in some of these countries, in mountainous and they are not rugged and breathtaking in their magnificence, but are the home to some of the special goats and sheep which we offer on our real hunting experiences. Because we have the licences to hunt in some of the government game reserves, it is always a possibiliy to get the opportunit to hunt a big thophy.

Some of our guides have more than twenty years experience, in guiding our clients on their hunt and we do our very best to provide each and everyone with whatever their needs may be. All of our partners and friends have been with us for many years, knowing that are working for one of the most organized and successful outfitters.

When he organizes a hunting trip for you, he knows and feels all the expectations and joy which you expect to get from one of these exceptional hunting trips of a lifetime. Some people who know Valeriano, will say that he takes the hunting too seriously, but it is because of his love of the game, that this is his pleasure in life and becasue of this, he cares very much about the success of the hunts for his clients and friends.

Valeriano Belles, owner of Ibex Hunt Spain and Grand Slam Ibex, is first and foremost a hunter and has been for many years and so knows exactly what a hunter is looking for and he is also an experienced outfitter. <Read more>



On our website you will find the complete details of all the differents adventures we can put a your disposal.

Enyoy hunting the big game of Spain in their natural fugged environment, where you are surrounded by our ancient mountains and unforgettable landscapes.

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