The Alpine Chamois hunt in Switzerland is excellently organized. An Alpine Chamois hunting is always guided by a gamekeeper. Alpine Chamois is an important mountain med advice trophy from Europe. The permits to hunt these Alpine Chamois are limited and we advise you to book your hunting trip in advance


Alpine chamois

Shoulder height 28-31 inches (71-79 cm). Weight 65-110 pounds (29-50kg). The summer coat is light brown and the winter coat is very dark brown to black, contrasting sharply with the white areas of head, throat and rump, with a dark facial mask, which is very pronounced.

Alpine chamois hunt

The Alpine chamois lives in Switzerland at an altitude of 2000m (6000ft). The stalking is in areas of great beauty and is very exciting. The hunting season is from 1st August to the 30st November and it is quite possible to watch herds of 30-40 chamois.

As winter comes very early, with much snow, the chamois move to the lower regions at that time of year. They have black fur and the males have long and strong hair along their backline, which can be taken as a trophy, bound together to create the famous “Gamsbart” and hunters wear these in their hunting hats

The dark black fur and the “Gamsbart”, are close to the horns called “Krucken”, which male and female chamois grow, again as part of the trophy. The real chamois hunter prefers the female -called “Gais” – than the male, because it is more rare and much more difficult to hunt.